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Back To the Basics of Weight Training

Posted in: Workout Guide

How often do you scroll through social media and come across fitness enthusiasts who post some of the most acrobatic looking strength training exercises? Variety is great, but when an ... More

Brain Gains: Top 7 Supplements

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Focusing on your brain health will change your life The new school year is right around the corner, and that means we need all of the “brain gains.” There are specific ... More

Bye-Bye Belly Fat

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

The cornerstone of any effective weight management program is adhering to a sound training regimen and nutrition plan. No matter how many gimmicks are dangled in front of your face ... More

Better Nutrition for Student-Athletes

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

As a student-athlete, your busy schedule demands that you are on-the-go from morning until night. Planning meals and snacks ahead of time can seem pretty challenging in addition to balancing ... More

Back-To- School Tips for Success!

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Bright sunny August days and warm nights are for beach and pool play, summer trips, and sports camps, barbecues and ice cream cones, and late night bonfires and fireworks. It’s ... More

Time To Get Raw And Shredded

Posted in: Recipes

Do you need to detoxify, drop the fat, lean out and feel energized? If any of these are your goals right now, add these foods to your shopping list: Brussels sprouts! ... More

Can You Prevent Cancer?

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Emily Creighton, 42, of Roanoke, Virginia, felt terrified as she awaited the results of her skin biopsy. On a routine physical, her doctor had noticed a suspicious looking mole on ... More

Cashew Coconut Wild Berry Cheesecake!

Posted in: Recipes

Warm, sun-glistened days, an abundance of playful outdoor activities, balmy breezes and the vibrant colors of garden fresh foods, these are the beauty of summer. As the summer months arrive ... More

Eat More Blackberries

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Memories of a sweltering summer day sweetened by a supple and tart little fruit growing dark and wild along the banks of an enormous fish-filled pond. That’s the picture my ... More

6 Fun Family Activities to Try ASAP

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

School’s out and summer is upon us. As a mom, I am ecstatic to have eight full weeks of fun with my little guy and husband. Don’t be a couch-potato ... More

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