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Eat More Blackberries

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Memories of a sweltering summer day sweetened by a supple and tart little fruit growing dark and wild along the banks of an enormous fish-filled pond. That’s the picture my ... More

6 Fun Family Activities to Try ASAP

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

School’s out and summer is upon us. As a mom, I am ecstatic to have eight full weeks of fun with my little guy and husband. Don’t be a couch-potato ... More

Need Help Getting Back Into Shape?

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Here’s How! Scott Keppel spends the majority of his days at the gym. As a father of three, certified fitness trainer and the owner of Scott’s Training Systems in Chandler, AZ, ... More

Energy Medicine: Give Yourself a Boost

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

If you’re feeling all out of sorts, perhaps all you need is an energy-boosting alignment. No doubt about it – daily life has a way of zapping your energy. Work and ... More

What Does It Take To Be Fit After 40?

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Just Ask This Woman. She’s not a morning person, but Roya Tehranchi starts each day at the gym. With four kids and a full-time job, it’s the only way she can ... More

Your Natural Edge in the Fight Against Fat

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Losing body fat is tough work. Let’s face it, staying lean and fit is never going to be easy, so why not take advantage of every edge possible? Max CLA ... More

Recover Faster with GlutaMatrix

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Years after its release, Max Muscle Nutrition continues to proudly stand behind one of its most innovative recovery products, GlutaMatrix. To date, GlutaMatrix, an advanced glutamine complex, remains not only ... More

Mind Over Muscle

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

How To Create Your Own Fit Vision Imagine that you could improve your physique, athletic performance or even increase your bank account or land your dream job – all by just ... More

Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Randy Taran of Palo Alto, California felt helpless as she faced her tearful teenaged daughter across the kitchen table. “I want to be happy,” her child said. “But I just ... More

Awesome Oats!

Posted in: Recipes

Tired of eating the same bowl of oatmeal every morning to get those complex carbs? Spice it up. The thought of having to scarf down a plain bowl of mundane oatmeal ... More

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